Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yesterday's run to the LHFC Salmon Hatchery, Collingwood and Guelph Schools

Mountain View Elementary and Jean Vanier Catholic High School in Collingwood had their Salmon Egg/Alevin delivered yesterday, I had a bit of a delay because of a Chillers blown fuse so it was off to the auto supply store to get replacements

Guelph Resurrection Christian Academy 

This is what happens when you have to stay late to help with the Salmon arrival. Max gets to dump them into the Aquarium.

Lake Huron Fishing Club Port Elgin Chinook Salmon Hatchery

The LHFC volunteers took 8 days over 2 weeks to get the 100,000 plus salmon eggs from the Sydenham River in Owen Sound the 1st trays you see are from the 1st batch of Salmon netted and are now at the alevin stage and the last one is from the last Salmon netted and placed in the Hatchery and are now at the alevin stage, there is a bit of a difference. They will all be hatched over the next couple of days.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another day of delivering eggs is over

LHFC Port Elgin Salmon Hatchery 1st 2 trays are from the 1st week of egg collection & the next 2 are from the 2nd week, that is a big difference. About 4,000 in each.

Starting in Chesley before the students were there.

Hanover Heights were very excited when I arrived with their baby's.

Mildmay Sacred Heart with one of the older egg trays.

Northwoods Elementary in Ethel with the new Aquarium as theirs was cracked & removed yesterday, some of the eggs were hatching as I was still there.

Off to Milton Craig Kielburger Secondary School more were hatching

E.C. Drury School for the Deaf was the last stop & we had to melt the ice as I was tired the day we set it up & when they added the water it was sweating quite a bit, likely because it was set for -10 and froze the coil pretty solid opps. We melted the ice off and reset everything back up, hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Thanx and Tight Lines Richard

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lake Huron Fishing Club & Georgian Triangle Anglers Association form a Partnership to run the School Salmon Hatchery Program in Collingwood

Last day of Bass season and I was planning on fishing most of the day but last night I found out that Georgian Triangle Anglers Association had 2 Schools in Collingwood that just had approval to join our program, so off to Ethel as planned to try and fix a problem they had, no such luck as we found a crack in the aquarium so I drained it and than it was off to Collingwood to set up 2 Schools. #Brucepower has helped with the funding of the LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program again this year and between all the clubs involved we'll have 36 schools raising salmon in their schools.

Rick Baldry of the GTAA met me with a couple of other volunteers to help set up the equipment and they brought hatchery water to start the Aquariums off with.

Mountain View Public

Jean Vanier Catholic High School

Very much worth giving up a days fishing to see everything fall into place today, with a new working relationship between our clubs.
Thanx Guys Richard

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Little bit longer day today 2 Schools set up in Milton

After phoning all the Pet Stores in Milton from a parking lot out side Pet Smart to try and buy a plain 20 gallon aquarium and being told they don't have any but Big Al's in Mississauga will have them I bought 2 kits so I could save driving an extra 1.5 hours to Big Al's, lol.  Set up number 18 in another new school for this year.

Working with Mike Burke to set this up in his class.

Set up number 19 in another new school for this year.

Working with Alicia Wilson to set this up in his class.

My first contact at E.C. Drury Paula Gordon

Thanx and Tight Lines and hope you enjoy Richard.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Two more School Salmon Hatcheries set up this afternoon 17 down 4 more to go

Mildmay Sacred Heart School is back after one year off because of a major renovation job that was going to put thge Junior & Senior School together.

Chesley District Community School is one of our new schools this year and they are very excited to be part of the program.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

CTV London News last night at Six: Mini salmon hatcheries set up across schools in the region

Yesterday there was an early trip to the Port Elgin Salmon hatchery to get some Chinook Eggs for Brookside Public School salmon hatchery, Scott Miller was there to interview us about the program.