Thursday, November 23, 2017

One more School Salmon Hatchery set up and one fixed

Headed to Goderich to set up another school and got an email saying there was a problem with the Chiller in Formosa finished setting up Goderich and headed to Formosa to fix the problem, Done for today, off to work at 3:00pm.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Two More School Salmon Hatcheries Set Up and ready for eggs/alevin

Stopped in to Formosa to start off and had 4 students help set up the equipment and fill it with water, this year it's going to be in the front hall for all the classes to be a part of raising the chinook salmon, 

then it was off to Walkerton District Community School to gather up the equipment and after filling with water and starting the pump we had a leak, so I emptied the lines out retaped the treads and reprime the Chiller and we were good, lots of questions from the students and my helpers liked missing a bit of their math class, lol

Tight Lines

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A couple more School Salmon Hatchery stops

Headed to Hanover Heights taday and finished setting the aquarium up and dropped of supplies needed for this year.

Walkerton Sacred Heart High School was next and Jamie and I set it up to be ready for eggs/alevin to be dropped off soon.

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Tight Lines

Sunday, November 19, 2017

School Salmon Hatchery Program starting again

Some pictures from this year set up's Wingham Sacred Heart

Ethel Northwoods Elementary

Lucan St Patrick's Catholic Elementary School 

Kincardine Huron Heights 

Kincardine St Anthony's Catholic School


Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School 

Wingham FE Madill High School 

Teeswater Sacred Heart School

Teeswater Hillcrest School is set up too but forgot Picture, Opps Tight Lines 

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tied for 1st at 9pm when the Tourney ended, fished out of 2 different boats too

Got invited to take part in a small Tourney on Silver Lake with a few guys from Teeswater, 2 guys in a boat fishing but there were a few girlfriends along for part of the day but not fishing or at least not including their catch lol, 3 bass limit weighed throughout the day to keep the bass healthy, I fished with a buddy from about 8:30 until about 1pm and everybody was getting off the water foir a few hours so rather than use Dave's boat I went to town and picked mine up and had a short visit with my grand daughter's that arived about 2pm, grabbed my boat and the tackle needed or wanted, way to much taken lol, at 9:30 we were tied for 1st with 3 bass and 8.5lbs, both teams lost bass that would've help put them over the top and nothing was desided about how to brake a tie so we headed out at 9:25 after the girls had a washroom break and fished until 10pm, Brandon and Justin brought in a Bass about 1 lb, a Crappie and a Pike and Sam caught a 2 lb Largie on a Blackfly Lures Spinnerbait for the win and I caught a 2 lber which gave us anbout a 3 lb lead for $265.00, nice relaxing day with a break in the middle for something to eat and back to the dock for a thunder storm that went threw. Very tough bite after the storm but the sun came back out and everybody enjoyed the day and are planning to do it as an annual event plus do a multi species day with Pike, Crappie, Walleye, Bass and maybe even Bluegill and Perch. # BlackflyLures #Ardentreels #rulethewater #Liquidmayhem #Silverlaketentandtrailerpark

No evening pictures as it was black out when we finished after 10pm.

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - ROGER'S drop's WFN no answer's so far - ROGER'S drop's WFN no answer's so far: not real impressed that wfn was taken away and talking on the phone and live chat they tell me i dont have an account with them rogers bought kincardine cable tv so my money goes into their bank account so they need to listen to what we have to say on a good noter they told me i wouldnt be charged

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - Kincardine Trout Hatchery - Kincardine Trout Hatchery: about 10 000 rainbow trout eggs per tray 12 trays waiting to hatch - EC Drury School for the Deaf and Resurrection Christian Academy Salmon Hatchery - EC Drury School for the Deaf and Resurrection Christian Academy Salmon Hatchery: went for a drive today and dropped milk off for the belwood lake kids day on saturday then off to milton to pick up ec drurys 49 salmon and then off to rca in guelph to pick up their salmon and take them back to kincardine to be released the students helped syphon the water out of the aquarium

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter Muskies Canada looking for New Members - Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter Muskies Canada looking for New Members: chapter meetings are held at 800pm on the first wednesday of each month at the pioneer sportsmen club located at 211 pioneer tower rd in kitchener ontario the primary purpose of our club is to promote catch and release and the conservation of the muskie fishery our membership includes a broad rang - Collingwood Mountain View Elementary School - Grade 5 - Collingwood Mountain View Elementary School - Grade 5: great day with these students a bit of a delay because of the bussing but when they arrived they released their chinook salmon split into 2 groups and had tours of the kincardine trout hatchery and the lighthouse museum switch places and did the other tour then it was off to bruce power visitors c

Sunday, April 30, 2017 - Blackfly Lures Donation Continues - Blackfly Lures Donation Continues: steve has stepped up and donated lots of spinnerbaits to be handed out to the school salmon hatchery program students a few lures will be given out to the schools that i can stop into between now and the end of the school year thank you very much steve for supporting the lake huron fishing club sc

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - Walkerton District Community School had a surprise visitor today - Walkerton District Community School had a surprise visitor today: i stopped by walkerton sacred heart high school to pick up their salmon and let wdcs grade 2 and 6 students release them with theirs james mathias showed up to join our day to video and interveiw us as the day went on great weather and everything went smooth released the salmon toured the hatchery

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017 - Live School Salmon Hatchery Video Link - Live School Salmon Hatchery Video Link: getting close to release day started like these pictures and grew to whats in the video httpwww ustream tvchannelrca-fishutmcampaignustre amutmsourceustre am2f1jcgkutmmediumsocialutmcontent20170424165446 - 1st School Presentation of the Spring - 1st School Presentation of the Spring: talked about fishing from perch crappie walleye bass trout and musky took in a few ardentreels rods for panfish and bass lots of tackle from dropshot spinnerbaits spoons top water flippn jigs lots of plastics etc with some liquidmayhem and a variety of blackflylures line from 6lb flouro

Monday, April 17, 2017

Size does matter - Size does matter: the little ones are trying to catch up to the bigger ones by eating the food off the bottom the bigger ones eat most of it before it hits the bottom lol tight lines

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - Here's a Great First Line - Here's a Great First Line: there is an interesting contraption sitting in the back of sean rennies grade 5 class at mountainview elementary school in collingwood httpwww theenterprisebulletin com20170317innovative-class-project-shows-life

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

LHFC Sorting & Counting Rainbows & 70,000 Browns are Hatched

This is one way to give back to the Fisheries, if you have half a day we could use your help. Matt will be there Feb 11,12,13.14.15 & 17 9am,

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lack of volunteers could mean end of the Kincardine Trout Hatchery and the Chantry Chinook Classic Fishing Derby

Copied from:

The Lake Huron Fishing Club is in desperate need of volunteers. Otherwise, the club will have to close the Rainbow/Brown Trout Hatchery in Kincardine, and will no longer be able to run the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby in the summer.

Dick Verrips of the fishing club, said that president Phil Hahn has appealed to the membership to assist, noting the urgency and critical need for volunteers, with very little response, to date.

"Without members taking on additional volunteer hours, the hatchery will close, and the Chantry Classic Salmon Derby will cease to exist in the near future," said Verrips. "It will be a sad day to see our sports fishery end in this way."

The hatchery in Kincardine produces rainbow and brown trout for stocking Lake Huron. To date, it has stocked 468,517 trout yearlings, said Verrips. It will stock 60,000 rainbow and 60,000 brown trout yearlings in 2017. The hatchery operates on an average yearly cost of $37,500, money obtained through various grants and fund-raising.

"Al Wilkins, our current Kincardine hatchery manager, is resigning, effective April 10," Verrips said. "Although a number of the manager duties have been assigned to other volunteers, there still remains a critical need for additional volunteers."

Volunteers are needed for the following positions:

Hatchery Co-ordinator: responsible for co-ordinating duties of all hatchery volunteers, liaising with the Lake Huron Fishing Club and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and monitoring all operations related to fish culture. The co-ordinator will be the contact person for all hatchery inquiries. In order to ensure a smooth transition, the current hatchery co-ordinator will work with the new co-ordinator for up to a year.

Maintenance Handyman: responsible for the overall monitoring and maintenance of equipment.

If interested, contact Wilkins at 519-396-9764 or

The Lake Huron Fishing Club not only operates the trout hatchery in Kincardine and the salmon hatchery in Port Elgin (which has a good contingent of volunteers), it also does the following:

• Provides stream enhancements and environmental improvements
• Assists government agencies on assessments
• Initiates projects at schools
• Hosts the annual Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby

The work of the club relies on thousands of volunteer hours by club members. From time to time, the club will be posting current club activities and programs, and asking interested Facebook members to JOIN US, or VOLUNTEER for a number of specific tasks.

For information on volunteering at the Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby, contact Bert Kuntz at or call 519-389-4203 (home) or 519-502-4043 (cell).

Thursday, January 12, 2017

School Salmon Hatchery tour 4 towns and 7 Schools here are a few of them

I planned on getting away earlier and making it to a few more schools but I was feeling tired and didn't start until about 11:00, I guess Monday or Tuesday will get a few more done.

Lake Huron Fishing Club Kincardine Trout Hatchery

After going to 7 Schools today I stopped into the hatchery to check up on the Trout.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Wingham Sacred Heart School 2 headed Chinook Salmon

It's little long but worth the watch, I didn't think they would live this long see what happens after the egg sack is gone.

Teeswater Hillcrest School Jan 6 17

Stopped in today to check on the Chinook Salmon and these guys are looking good and starting to feed.

Monday, January 2, 2017